Saying Goodbye To Summer

Summer has come to an end my friends. I would love to say that I am sad, BUT I’M NOT! I am so ready for the leaves to start falling and the temperature to drop. Since I am in Mississippi, it doesn’t seem like the summer weather is going away any time soon. So, in the honor of fall, I put together an outfit with fall colors with summer breathability. I ain’t gone lie, I was feeling myself y’all. Normally I would post the pictures of my fat rolls showing, but uhhhh they look damn sexy (to me at least).



Those damn tan lines… I want to say that I don’t edit my pictures because I want to be completely real with y’all. The truth is that I am computer illiterate and it is extremely difficult for me to use Photoshop or any of the other photo editing softwares. I’ll just throw a little of my self tanner on before I take pics next time. I know y’all are thinking why does a black girl have self tanner, but the struggle is real. Ya girl be looking like a ghost during the winter months without it.

Sooooooo let’s get to the outfit details….

Top: JluxLabel Since they are transitioning to fall clothing this top was only $4.99!!!! Go get y’all some stuff.

Jeans: Forever21 They are having a 75% off of sale items. I LOVE a good sale. And these jeans are the same jeans featured on my “Let’s Get Sexy” post. I’m not, and never will be that person that only wears clothes once.

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Purse: Michael Kors FUN FACT: I got this one from the Tanger Outlets in Foley, AL. They are MUCH cheaper if you get them from the outlet. Save that cash honey.

Sunglasses: Francescas Now, I’m really not a fan of their clothes, but if I ever want some HOT FIRE sunglasses I go here. They never fail me, EVER!

Y’all know I can’t forget to shout out my photographer because she is the best and she’s so patient with me. Jalisa Baker LOVVEEE YOUUUUU

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