Fall Lipstick Favorites

My post about my top 5 foundation picks was so popular that I decided to do a post about the one thing that girls love more than foundation……. LIPSTICK!!!!!! Fall is here and I know I am not the only one that was super excited to bring out the seasonal lipsticks.

So for this post, I am going to tell you about my top 5 favorite fall lipsticks. So, lets just jump right into it.

  1. Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star Cosmetics ($18) – this lipstick is number one because it is my ABSOLUTE favorite. It is a deep red lipstick, BUT this isn’t just any ordinary red. This particular red will slay your ENTIRE life when you put it on. It’s so sexy that it will make your ex-boyfriend call and apologize for not loving you the way he was supposed to. Here is a picture of me wearing it. My ring light was right in my face so it makes it look a little bit brighter than it really it. In reality, its about 2 shades darker than this. LRG_DSC00128
  2. “Front Row” by Tarte ($20) – I like this lipstick because it is a beautiful nude shade but it still gives you the fall feel. I used to be the person that only wore nude lipsticks (I’m trying to be better and try new things now). If I were the old Toyia, I would wear this one just about everyday. I added a picture for you guys to see. This is the only good picture I had of me wearing this lipstick. That pretty girl is my friend Tessah… heyyyyy giiirrrrlllll. C247E9F4-0025-4004-847B-FF2F21D10525
  3. “Vintage” by Nyx ($6.99) – If you don’t wear Nyx then you are SLEEP! Nyx has some really good lipstick. I used to be the person that would only like to wear expensive lipstick, until the real world kicked in. I can honestly say that the only difference between Nyx and other more expensive brands is the price. I love this lipstick and if somebody tried to take it from me they would have to fight me…. SERIOUSLY! I inserted a pic below.678FAB1F-F80C-4071-B8C4-A87E028EFD5A
  4. “Truffle” by Bite ($22) – I could not make a list of fall lipsticks and not include this one. This is the only lipstick I wear that is not a liquid lipstick. I think this shade will look good on anyone. This is the lipstick you wear when you going to meet your boyfriend’s family and you want to slay their life but you don’t want to look like you put a lot of effort into it. (Don’t act like you haven’t done that, we all have.)LRG_DSC00152
  5. “Flame Red” by Sephora ($14) – I will wear this lipstick no matter what season it is. My love for this lipstick is so real, I have TWO of these just in case I lose one. I told you that the Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood would make your ex-boyfriend apologize, well, this is the shade that you should wear to his funeral!!!! I am not talking about the back row of the church either. I’m talking, strutting down the middle isle and sitting right behind the family. Nothing can go wrong when you are wearing this lip, not even at a funeral. If this picture had a caption it would be, “sitting at my ex funeral like…”90EDAE15-475E-4EBC-AEEB-98A1022776BF

I am always looking for a new lipstick, so comment your favorite fall lipstick below.