My Mink Eyelash Extension Review

Hello again friends,

Today is going to be just a quick review. I have been contemplating getting mink eyelash extensions for a long time. I cannot put on strip lashes to save my life so I decided to give the mink ones a try. I knew they looked fabulous because a lot of my friends wear them, but I had been trying to decide if they were for me. So I looked for the best lasher (if that is a word) in Hattiesburg, and  I came across Jasmine Monroe (MinksByMonroe) who just so happen to be a friend of a friend.


The application took about an hour and 15 min. It took a little longer than normal because we were talking up a storm. She taped down my bottom lashes so they would not get in the way and to make sure that they didn’t get any glue on them. All I had to do was lay there with my eyes closed. At the beginning, my eyes were struggling to adjust to the tape being directly under them but they soon adjusted. There was no pain or irritation, just a lot of me wondering how I fabulous I looked. It was kinda relaxing, at one point I thought about falling asleep.

My perspective:

I LOVE the way the lashes look. I have gotten so many compliments and I can’t see how I have lived without these. I was never a person who worried about how my lashes looked. I’ve always just threw mascara on and hoped for the best. Take a look at the pics and video below. I know I look crazy, but this post is about the lashes so focus on them, not me.


The left eye is the eye that she lashed, the right eye has not been done yet.


I asked to keep my lashes natural but full and as you can see, she definitely delivered. If you are the type of person that likes your lashes dramatic, she can do that too. I’ve had my lashes on for a couple of days and I honestly cannot feel them. The only time I realize that I have lash extensions is when I look in the mirror. So they are not a hassle like I thought they would have been. Soooooooooooo…. thank you Jasmine Monroe I really love them. If you need a man, blink a set of these in his face and its a done deal! 

She has specials going on so be sure to message her and get your appointment soon!