My Family Knows How to Party… Kinda!

Lately, I’ve been using my camera more. I take it with me everywhere and I take pictures and videos of the people I’m with. Take a look, they are some good looking people.

This set of photos came from my aunts 50th birthday party. They went all out and that is not a norm for my family. I had a blast! The only thing missing was alcohol….. It was a sober, holy ghost good time! My aunt specifically told me not to put her on my blog.. she’s going to kill me.


Of course I had to take some selfies before I left my house.


This is my little cousin Quez. I guess he felt like he was sexy or something. I’m just glad he agreed to take my test shots! Thanks Quezzy!  DSC00600

Y’all see that croc pot.. In there is the second best gumbo in the world. The first best is my moms. I know everyone else in the family agrees, except my aunt who made that one. Ha


More selfies.. I tried to take this one with Donovan, guess he had better things to do.


This is my cousin Donovan, the other light skin cousin. I told him these were test shots but Quez had already did test shots for me. Nice pics tho, almost as photogenic as me.


I take that back, not photogenic at all.


This are my cousins, DJ, Don, and Quez! That sexy lady is my aunt Jackie (or Neat if you really know her). It was her 50th birthday and 50 has never looked so good. LORD JESUS!


Can’t forget favorite uncle. Favorite Uncle is his actual name, for me at least.


Do NOT let Ashleigh touch your camera. If you do, you will find pictures like this when you start processing your pictures.


My last introduction for the day is my cousin Sally. She made this cake for my aunt ALL BY HERSELF! The girl is talented! Cake business coming soon!


I also did some video so I compiled it so everyone could see. I know it’s kinda bad but I worked with what I had and I had a few technical issues while making it butttt…. have a look.

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