Why I Swear by Groupon

It seems that most people get into a routine of doing things and they never stray from it. My routine is school Monday-Friday, I get drinks on Friday and Saturday night with my friends and prepare for Mon.-Fri. on Sunday. Although I am convinced that getting twisted at a bar on weekends can never get old, everyone craves for that change of scenery.

So, I ventured out onto Groupon and found a cool deal for a tasting package at a brewery in Baton Rouge, LA. I am not a beer person so I brought some beer connoisseurs with me: Annabelle, Paige, and Gary. The brewery is called Tin Roof. If you or someone you know likes beer you may have heard of them. With the package we were each given a souvenir glass, a growler (we had 2 packages so we got 2), and we could taste the beer of our choice.  I must say that it was very different and very refreshing. Although I did not like the beer (Paige had no problem finishing my glass for me), I really had a blast with my friends and they even let us take a look at their cool equipment. I have attached some pictures so you guys can see what it was like.

I really wish I could have gotten a picture of all the cool things they gave us but my friends were too busy turning the growlers upside down to fill their glass with more beer.

I also went to a distillery in Atlanta and got to do a rum tasting, courtesy of Groupon as well. It was more my speed since I am a liquor person, not beer. They gave us an actual tour and we were able to see how they make the different types of rums and whiskies. I only have one photo due to the fact that this was a while ago and I wasn’t into blogging or taking pictures at the time.

When your selfie is interrupted and you look like this.. you know its going to be a good time. I was feeling that Stila lipstick entirely too much.


This is Gary and Paige when we first arrived to Baton Rouge. You can tell Gary hates to take pictures.


This is Gary after a few drinks… feeling more photogenic. DSC00630

This is Gary after we left the Brewery…. I’ll let this photo speak for itself.


This is what Annabelle does when they take too long to bring the drinks at the Mexican restaurant.



I have no idea what was happening here, but I like it.



Our beers were given to us in fancy glasses. I wish I could remember what kind we ordered.

Tin Roof

Snuck some pics of the work board, they had some friendly reminders for the workers.



Some of their cool equipment… I was just entirely too lazy to crop Gary out. DSC00650DSC00659DSC00661


This last photo is from the distillery tour in Atlanta. The distillery is called the Independent Distilling Company in Decatur, GA. We even got 2 free bottles of liquor.

Distillery tour


If you want to try something new, I highly recommend taking a look at the groupons available in your area. They have everything from spa getaways to zip lining tours. They haven’t failed me yet.